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The Old Mountaineers Café Bar & Restaurant

The Old Mountaineers Café Bar & Restaurant

Mt Cook Cafe

Feeling Weary? Then come and relax at this iconic cafe, bar, restaurant and extensive historic photographic gallery full of character and spirit.

The only business within the Aoraki Mount Cook Village officially opened by Sir Edmund Hillary. Relax with great organic coffee, excellent food with organic options available, a cold beer or wine - all with stunning views of Aoraki Mount Cook. Recommended by Lonely Planet as "their pick". Also recommended by Rough Guide. Bookings for parties, weddings and groups are welcome. The owners, Charlie and Mary Hobbs, are both registered Marriage Celebrants. The Old Mountaineers Café Bar & Restaurant is also the home of the famous Tasman Glacier Heli Hiking, Glacier Kayaking, Southern Alps Guiding and Tasman Glacier Heli Skiing and Ski the Tasman Glacier.

A Little On The Philosophy Of The Old Mountaineers Café Bar & Restaurant

We're big on hospitality. That's why you'll receive generous portions and friendly service; but our welcome goes further.

We want to be sure you have food here at our place that we would be happy to eat at home. You are our guests and at our table, so we want you to have the best possible simple, locally sourced fare available to us at this time, rather than the cheapest and lowest quality for the highest price.

That's why you'll find organic potatoes on the menu, organic lamb, free-range or organic if available chicken, free-range eggs, no MSG in our sausages and the highest quality low- cholesterol steak mince in our hamburgers. We're also sourcing organic steaks and organic muesli.

The Old Mountaineers Café Bar & Restaurant fully supports organic, free-range and GE-free food. We are not comfortable with farming that houses animals in unhealthy and inhumane conditions, we have a healthy disregard for the latest chemicals and any tampering with nature, so that's why you will see the organic free-range options available on the menu whenever possible.

We're keen to offer you a wine that is not laden with chemicals. Organic wine is also available. The organic wine we offer is certified bio-organic and our personal wine of choice.

The Speights Summit beer is created through a natural brewing process and their advertising campaign says it all; "Don't Mess with Nature". Steinlager Pure is also a beer that has no added chemicals.

Our organic fair trade Hummingbird coffee is brewed within Canterbury and is superb. Packs of Hummingbird coffee are available for sale at the counter as are a delicious selection of organic teas.

Most of our souvenirs are New Zealand-made, the books for sale are written and published by the owners or local authors, the stuffed toys are made in New Zealand and almost all of the colour postcards are the work of Mary Hobbs.

Cutlery and dishes at The Old Mountaineers Café Bar & Restaurant are washed with eco-friendly non- toxic dishwasher detergent and we use non-toxic natural essential oil essences as cleaning sprays on tables and as deodorants in the bathrooms.

Please do enjoy the spirit of all that is naturally great here. It's a good feeling to work with nature as much as we can. Pass it on.

Why Organic and Free-Range Food?

It is well documented that current conventional agricultural growing methods have a negative impact on the environment, our land, our water and also potentially your health. It doesn't make a great deal of sense to overload your system with toxic chemicals, hormones, GE products from dubious sources and antibiotics (fed to stock). It's also about supporting farmers who work hard to deliver chemical-free, free-range and organic produce. The focus is on food that is as natural and kind to the animals and the environment as possible.

Our certified organic lamb is locally sourced. These lambs have not been treated with antibiotics, harmful sprays and do not feed on chemical or fertiliser-drenched land. The taste is truly superb.

Our sausages have no MSG content. In our view, MSG is a chemical that doesn't belong on your plate and its side effects don't belong in your body. We try to eliminate as much of this as possible through careful study of ingredient content.

Our hamburgers are freshly made from the highest quality locally-sourced organic steak mince possible and are better for your health.

Our certified organic potatoes are locally sourced and have no added chemicals or sprays. They taste like a real potato and are often included in our soup of the moment.

We also have free-range chicken available that are not subjected to hormones to make them grow unnaturally quickly, antibiotics, unhealthy rearing in sheds that see no daylight and inhumane conditions that can include a spin-dry in three chlorine washes after they have been killed. The owners of The Old Mountaineers Café Bar & Restaurant personally inspected the living conditions of the free-range chickens in our province. They roam on organic grass and have quite wonderful lives as chickens in fresh air and sunshine. When chicken soup is on the menu it is made from either organic or free-range chicken stock - again, no chemicals, hormones or additives. Our delicious coffee is supplied by Hummingbird and is a locally roasted, organic and fair-trade product. Organic tea and coffee is available for sale in smaller containers. Dishwashing detergents in our kitchen are non-toxic and eco-friendly which is kinder to you and the environment.

It is a good feeling to know that we are providing our guests with these options.

In the coming months we will bring you as much locally produced free-range and organic produce as possible and we hope you enjoy the results.


Mountaineers' Breakfast (till 11:30am)
Free-range bacon, Free-range eggs, sausages (no MSG), mushrooms, hash browns & ciabatta.
Bacon and Eggs (till 11:30am)
Free-range Bacon & Free-range Eggs on toasted ciabatta
Mountaineers' Soup of the Day
With toasted bread
The Old Mountaineers' Hamburger with Chips
On toasted Sourdough with steak mince, lettuce, tomato, red onion, cheese & aioli.
The Old Mountaineers’ Porterhouse Steak Sandwich  (GF)*
On toasted ciabatta with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, tomato relish and aioli
Toasted Panini
Toasted ciabatta with ham, cranberry, brie and tomato
Locally Farmed Aoraki Smoked Salmon Bagel
Locally-farmed Aoraki Smoked Salmon with aioli, lettuce red onion, cream cheese and dill
Ham Bagel
smoked manuka ham with cream cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onions and aioli


All our Pizzas are made on a locally produced sourdough base

Margharita Pizza
Tomato sauce, fresh tomato, pesto sauce and mozzarella
Meat Lover's Pizza
A selection of meats with, red onion, mushroom and mozzarella
Gourmet Vegetarian Pizza
Sundried tomato, olives, capers, capsicum and mozzarella
Hawaiian Pizza
Ham, pineapple and mozzarella
Aoraki Salmon Pizza
Diced local salmon fillet, capers and fresh dill, topped with lemon zest


Locally-farmed Aoraki Smoked Salmon Salad
With black olives, red onion, capers and lemon, drizzled with a homemade balsamic vinaigrette


Garlic Bread $14.00
French Fries $12.00
With sour cream & sweet chilli sauce
Side Salad $13.50
Please order and pay at the counter during the day.
Surcharge: 15% on Public Holidays

DINNER (after 6pm)

New Zealand Ribeye Steak
With pepper or mushroom sauce, organic potatoes of the day and seasonal vegetables
The Old Mountaineers' Organic Hamburger with Chips
On Sourdough with organic steak mince, lettuce, tomato, red onion, cheese & aioli.
Aoraki Salmon Fillet
With salad & hollandaise on organic potatoes or basmati rice
Sir Edmund Hillary's Pork Sausages
With gravy, organic potatoes of the day & Mountaineers' Salad or vegetables of the day Old Mountaineers' sausages are sourced locally and contain no MSG
Chicken (Organic) Korma Curry
With basmarti rice
Pasta of the Day $29.00

Meals subject to availability
Soup, side orders and Pizzas are also available on the Dinner menu. See lunch menu


Delicious Chocolate Cake
With New Zealand ice cream
Home-Baked Apple Crumble
With New Zealand icecream
Sticky Date Pudding
Warm with butterscotch sauce & delicious New Zealand ice cream
Ice Cream
With Chocolate or Butterscotch sauce